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qualitative research

Definition of Qualitative Research

(noun) Non-numeric exploratory research that seeks to understand the experiences of individuals or groups from their perspective.

Examples of Qualitative Research

Qualitative Research Pronunciation

  • IPA Pronunciation
    • American English
      • /ˈˌkwɑləˈˌteɪdɪv ˈriˌsərtʃ/
      • /ˈˌkwɑləˈˌteɪdɪv rəˈsərtʃ/
      • /ˈˌkwɑləˈˌteɪdɪv riˈsərtʃ/
      • /ˈˌkwɔləˈˌteɪdɪv ˈriˌsərtʃ/
      • /ˈˌkwɔləˈˌteɪdɪv rəˈsərtʃ/
      • /ˈˌkwɔləˈˌteɪdɪv riˈsərtʃ/
    • British English
      • /ˈkwɒlᵻtətɪv rᵻˈsəːtʃ/
      • /ˈkwɒlᵻtətɪv ˈriːsəːtʃ/
      • /ˈkwɒlᵻteɪtɪv rᵻˈsəːtʃ/
      • /ˈkwɒlᵻteɪtɪv ˈriːsəːtʃ/
  • Syllabification: (qual·i·ta·tive re·search)

Usage Notes

  • Plural: qualitative researches
  • Qualitative research is compared and contrasted with quantitative research.
  • Qualitative research is viewed as holistic whereas quantitative research is viewed as reductionistic. However, qualitative and quantitative research are complementary, not contradictory.
  • Qualitative research typically has smaller sample sizes that quantitative research.
  • Reductively, qualitative research seeks to explain the “how” and “why” and quantitative research seeks to identify “how much” and “how often”.
  • Also called:
    • qualitative data analysis
    • qualitative method
    • qualitative research method
    • qualitative sociology

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