The Open Education Sociology Dictionary (OESD) is a communally created resource. You can help improve the dictionary by providing additions, comments, and corrections. If you are an academic or expert in any social science field, the OESD is currently seeking peer reviewers.

  • Do you know of a word that is missing?
  • An example that explains a term?
  • A technical issue?
  • An insight that needs to be added to the usage notes?
  • Do you know the original sourced definition of a particular term from a sociological work?
  • Do you think the definition can be improved?
  • Do you know a quote that would fit a term well?
  • Do you know a book, article, or website than should be added to a term’s Additional Information section?
  • Do you know how to improve the accessibility or useability of website?

The goal of the Open Education Dictionary is for each term to have the following:

  • Definition
  • Example(s)
  • Audio Pronunciation:
  • Usage Notes:
  • Quote(s):
  • Additional Information:
  • Related Terms:

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