matrilocal residence

(noun) When a husband and wife live with or near the wife’s family.

Example: Traditionally, the Hopi, a group of Native Americans in the Southwest of the United States.

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Usage Notes:

  • Plural: matrilocal residences
  • A marriage that requires a matrilocal residence is called a matrilocal marriage.
  • A matripatrilocal residence is when a couple first lives with the husband’s family and then after a period of time, the wife’s family.
  • Also called:
    • matrilocality
    • uxorilocality
    • uxorilocal residence
  • Matrilocal residence used in a sentence: We moved to a matrilocal residence after we got married.
  • When spouses live with the wife’s family they are living (adjective) matrilocal or ((adjective) matrilocally.

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