family of procreation

(noun) The family formed through marriage, consisting of spouses and children.

Example: Quinn grew up in the United States, and Harley grew up in Australia, they met at a university in Spain and got married. They have a small child. Quinn, Harley, and the child are the family of procreation, and their relatives are their extended family.

Audio Pronunciation: (fam·i·ly of pro·cre·a·tion)

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Usage Notes:

  • Plural: families of procreation
  • This term is sometimes limited to nuclear families or families with biological children or heterosexual couples.
  • In contrast to family of procreation, family of orientation is the family an individual is born into or grows up in.
  • Family of procreation used in a sentence: Alexis’ family of procreation is growing year by year.

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