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clear division of labor

Definition of Clear Division of Labor

(noun) The distinct specialization of tasks in a bureaucracy that each individual must perform.

Example of Clear Division of Labor

  • Assistants completing clerical work for their managers.

Clear Division of Labor Pronunciation

  • IPA Pronunciation
    • American English
      • /klɪə dɪˈvɪʒən əv ˈleɪbər/
      • /klɪə dɪˈvɪʒən ə ˈleɪbər/
    • British English
      • /klɪə dɪˈvɪʒən ɒv ˈleɪbə/
      • /klɪə dɪˈvɪʒən əv ˈleɪbə/
      • /klɪə dɪˈvɪʒən ə ˈleɪbə/
  • Syllabification: (clear di·vi·sion of la·bor)

Usage Notes

  • Plural: clear divisions of labor
  • A type of division of labor.
  • Variant spelling: clear division of labour

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