(noun) The premeditated act or process of an individual or group unlawfully killing another individual or group.


  1. A stalker stabbing an individual to death.
  2. A serial killer shooting a victim.

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Usage Notes:

  • Plural: murders
  • Murder is not the same as homicide, which is the killing of an individual by another individual or manslaughter, which is homicide without premeditated malice. The legal distinctions between murder and manslaughter vary greatly between jurisdictions.
  • The United States legally differentiates between four types of homicide. First-degree murder, Second-degree murder, Voluntary Manslaughter (also called Third-degree murder), and Involuntary Manslaughter.
  • There are numerous types of “named” murders such as:
    • amicicide – Murder of one’s friend.
    • androcide – Murder of a man.
    • avunculicide – Murder of one’s uncle.
    • femicide – Murder of a woman.
      • Also called gynocide.
    • fratricide
      • 1. Murder of one’s brother.
      • 2. Murder of one’s sibling.
    • gendercide – Murder of a specific gender or sex.
    • infanticide – Murder of an infant.
    • mariticide – Murder of a husband by his wife.
    • multicide – Murder of multiple people; mass murder.
    • neonaticide – Murder of newborn child.
    • infanticide – Murder of an infant.
    • parricide – Murder of one’s family, particularly a parent.
    • patricide – Murder of one’s father.
    • prolicide – Murder of one’s offspring.
    • regicide – Murder of a king.
    • sororicide – Murder of one’s sister.
    • tyrannicide – Murder of a tyrant.
    • uxoricide – Murder of a wife by her husband.
    • viricide – Murder of a husband.
  • A (noun) murderer (verb) murders with (adjective) murderous intent.

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