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value neutrality

Definition of Value Neutrality

(noun) Attempting to remain impartial during a study, observation or an analysis.

Example of Value Neutrality

  • When marking a student’s paper, the topic of which is religion, any values pertaining to religion that the teacher marking it has must be cast aside for validity of critique.

Value Neutrality Pronunciation

Pronunciation Usage Guide

Syllabification: val·ue neu·tral·i·ty

Audio Pronunciation

– American English
– British English

Phonetic Spelling

  • American English – /vAl-yoo noo-trAl-uh-tee/
  • British English – /vAl-yoo nyoo-trAl-i-tee/

International Phonetic Alphabet

  • American English – /ˈvælju nuˈtræləti/
  • British English – /ˈvæljuː nju(ː)ˈtrælɪti/

Usage Note

  • Plural: value neutralities

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