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Definition of Thanatology

(noun) The study of death and dying.

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Thanatology Pronunciation

Pronunciation Usage Guide

Syllabification: than·a·tol·o·gy

Audio Pronunciation

– American English
– British English

Phonetic Spelling

  • American English – /than-uh-tAHl-uh-jee/
  • British English – /than-uh-tOl-uh-jee/

International Phonetic Alphabet

  • American English – /θænəˈtɔləʤi/
  • British English – /θanəˈtɒlədʒi/

Usage Notes

  • Thanatology focuses on all aspects of death, including: aging, coping mechanisms, grief, and rituals.
  • Postmortem means “after death” and antemortem means “before death.”
  • A (noun) thanatologist studies (adjective) thanatological topics such as (noun) thanatomania (the belief that one is fated to die because of being cursed), (noun) thanatophilia (fascination of death that a (noun) thanatophile exhibits), or (noun) thanatophobia (the fear of death).

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