unilineal descent

(noun) Tracing an individual’s descent through one sex only, either through the father (patrilineal) or mother (matrilineal).

Audio Pronunciation: (u·ni·li·ne·al de·scent)

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Usage Notes:

  • Plural: unilineal descents
  • This is a simplified definition of a vast continuum of societal and cultural practices.
  • In contrast to unilineal descent, nonunilineal descent (also called cognatic descent) traces descent through the father or mother.
  • Types:
    • ambilineal descent
    • patrilineal
    • matrilineal
  • Also called:
    • unilateral descent
    • unilineage
    • unilineality
  • Unilineal descent used in a sentence: Numerous cultures around the world use unilineal descent systems.

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