(noun) Favoritism of relatives or personal friends by those in power, who because of their relationship rather than their abilities receive special treatment (e.g., jobs, discounts).

Audio Pronunciation: (nep·o·tism)

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Usage Notes:

  • A (noun) nepotist advocates for (adjective) nepotistic or (adjective) nepotical allotment of jobs.
  • Closely related to cronyism.
  • Contrasted to a meritocracy.
  • Term comes from the Italian word  neptismo, and from the Latin word nepōs (“nephew’) and relates to the practice of popes appointing relatives, particular nephews to positions as cardinals during the Middle Ages and Renaissance.
  • A individual getting a job through nepotism is a (noun) nepotist who (adverb) nepotistically had a (adjective) nepotistic or (adjective) nepotistical advantage.

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