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necessary condition

Definition of Necessary Condition

(noun) Something that must happen for an effect to occur.

Examples of Necessary Condition

  • Having ice cream is necessary to eat a bowl of ice cream.
  • Oxygen is necessary for human life.

Necessary Condition Pronunciation

  • IPA Pronunciation
    • American English
      • /ˈnɛsəˌsɛri kənˈdɪʃən/
    • British English
      • /ˈnɛsᵻs(ə)ri kənˈdɪʃən/
  • Syllabification: (nec·es·sar·y con·di·tion)

Usage Notes

  • Plural: necessary conditions
  • Necessary condition is related to sufficient condition, which is a condition that, if present, guarantees an effect will occur.
  • Necessary conditions are not always “sufficient“. For example, an individual with ice cream can eat a bowl of ice cream if they have a bowl, but you can still eat ice cream without a bowl. Additionally, to eat a bowl of soup, it is not necessary or sufficient to have ice cream. Finally, it is both necessary and sufficient to have both a bowl and ice cream to eat a bowl of ice cream.
  • Also called necessary cause.

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