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Definition of Microsociology

(noun) Small-scale sociological analysis that studies the behavior of people in face-to-face social interactions and small groups to understand what they do, say, and think.

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Microsociology Pronunciation

Pronunciation Usage Guide

Syllabification: mic·ro·so·ci·ol·o·gy

Audio Pronunciation

– American English
– British English

International Phonetic Alphabet

  • American English – /ˌmaɪkroʊˌsoʊsiˈɑlədʒi/
  • British English – /ˌmʌɪkrə(ʊ)səʊsɪˈɒlədʒi/

Usage Notes

  • Plural: microsociologies
  • Microsociology is the “little picture” or the “sociology of everyday life,” which studies microlevel phenomena.
  • Microsociology is often used in an effort to understand how people derive meaning.
  • Microsociology is compared and contrasted to macrosociology. However, the distinction between microsociology and macrosociology is not well-established across the discipline of sociology and exists on a continuum. A theoretical attempt to combine aspects of microsociology and macrosociology is called a micro-macro theory.
  • Microsociology scholars include:
  • Types:
  • Variant spellings:
    • micro sociology
    • micro-sociology
  • Also called:
    • micro analysis
    • microview (micro view, micro-view)
    • microlevel (micro level, micro-level)
    • microlevel analysis (micro level analysis, micro-level analysis)
    • microlevel orientation (micro level orientation, micro-level orientation)
  •  A (noun) microsociologist studies society from the (adjective) microsociologic or (adjective) microsociologistic or (adjective) microsociological perspective to understand social interactions (adverb) microsociologically.

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