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Interesting Links

Editor’s Note: This is a list of websites I have come across and found interesting. Listed here in case they are useful for others. There are no referrer links and each link tested clean on VirusTotal when posted.

Descriptions are provided when the title does not clearly convey content.

I recommend you take time to visit the Internet Archive, “a digital library of Internet sites and other cultural artifacts in digital form . . . provid[ing] free access to researchers, historians, scholars, the print disabled, and the general public. The Internet Archive provides the Internet Wayback Machine that has billions of usable webpages saved over time. Additionally, the archive has books and texts, audio recordings, videos, images, and software programs.



  • Open Syllabus Project: opensyllabus.org – “The Open Syllabus Project (OSP) collects and analyzes millions of syllabi to support educational research and novel teaching and learning applications. The OSP helps instructors develop classes, libraries manage collections, and presses develop books.”

-Data Comparison

-Literature Reviews/Systematic Reviews

-Open Educational Resources

  • Directory of Open Access Journals
  • LibreTexts: libretexts.org – “The mission of the LibreTexts project is to unite students, faculty and scholars in a cooperative effort to develop an easy-to-use online platform for the construction, customization, and dissemination of open educational resources (OER), particularly for courses relevant to academic programs, to reduce the burdens of unreasonable textbook costs to our students and society.”
  • OAsis – Commonwealth of Learning Open Access Repository: oasis.col.org – “[I]nstitutional repository for learning resources and publications.”
  • OER Commons: oercommons.org – “[A] public digital library of open educational resources. Explore, create, and collaborate with educators around the world to improve curriculum.”
  • Open Education Consortium: oeconsortium.org
  • OER Knowledge Cloud: oerknowledgecloud.org – “[E]stablished to identify, collect, preserve and disseminate available documents of enduring value to researchers, industry, government, scholars, writers, historians, journalists and informal learners.”
  • SkillsCommons Repository: skillscommons.org – “The US Department of Labor’s Trade Adjustment Assistance Community College and Career Training (TAACCCT) program has created a free and open online library called SkillsCommons containing free and open learning materials and program support materials for job-driven workforce development. . . . [t]he OER can be found, reused, revised, retained, redistributed and remixed by an individual, institution, and industry for FREE with the proper attribution to the original author of the resources.”


  • The Scholarly Kitchen: scholarlykitchen.sspnet.org – “The mission of the Society for Scholarly Publishing is ‘[t]o advance scholarly publishing and communication, and the professional development of its members through education, collaboration, and networking.’ The Scholarly Kitchen is a moderated and independent blog aimed to help fulfill this mission by bringing together differing opinions, commentary, and ideas, and presenting them openly.”


  • The Measure of Everyday Life: measureradio.libsyn.com – “[W]eekly public radio program featuring researchers, practitioners, and professionals discussing their work to improve the human condition.”


-Scholarship Archives

  • Controlled Lots of Copies Keep Stuff Safe (CLOCKSS): clockss.org – The world’s leading digital archive for academic publishers and research libraries…Academic books and academic journals preserved in our digital archive can be retrieved intact after disruptions to inform future generations of researchers…CLOCKSS is a shared dark archive…hosted on 12 servers around the world, at leading academic libraries, with robust infrastructure and security.”
  • Portico: portico.org – “[A] community-supported preservation archive that safeguards access to e-journals, e-books, and digital collections. Our unique, trusted process ensures that the content we preserve will remain accessible and usable for researchers, scholars, and students in the future.”



  • BeanBeanBean: beanbeanbean.com – Multi-level quizes funded by advertisements on General Knowledge, Geography, Language, Math, and Science. “Since BeanBeanBean’s launch in 2017, more than 700,000 players across the world have donated 30+ million beans… ‘beans’ collected by players into a dollar figure. This cash value is then donated to charity”.
  • Free Rice: freerice.com – Multi-level quizes on a broad range of topics, funded by advertisements. “Every question you answer correctly raises 10 grains of rice for the World Food Programme (WFP) to support its work saving and changing lives around the world”.



–Copy Editing

–Style Guides

–Text Conversion/Manipulation


Artificial Intelligence/Deep Learning

Consumer Information

  • GetHuman: gethuman.com – How to get a human when calling customer service.
  • Terms of Service – Didn’t Read: tosdr.org – “Terms of service are often too long to read, but it’s important to understand what’s in them. Your rights online depend on them. We hope that our ratings can help you get informed about your rights.”

Product Review Reviews

  • Fakespot: fakespot.com – “Our patented algorithm looks for patterns to filter out reviews we think are unreliable.”
  • ReviewMeta: reviewmeta.com – “[I]ndependent site that helps consumers get a better understanding about the reviews they are reading on various platforms”

Long Form Journalism

  • Longreads: longreads.com – “[D]edicated to helping people find and share the best storytelling in the world. We feature and produce in-depth investigative pieces, profiles, interviews, commentary, book reviews, audio stories, and personal essays.”
  • The Electric Typewriter: tetw.org – “Great articles and essays by the world’s best journalists and writers.”








  • I Love PDF: ilovepdf.com – “Every tool you need to use PDFs . . . [m]erge, split, compress, convert, rotate, unlock and watermark PDFs”


  • One Song: pod.link – “[E]ach episode of ONE SONG, break[s] down ONE SONG from the pop music canon that you know – or need to know – but have never heard quite like this.”

-PowerPoint/Google Slides Templates

Social Commentary

  • McMansion Hell: mcmansionhell.com – “[A]ims to educate the masses about architectural concepts, urban planning, environmentalism and history by making examples out of the places we love to hate the most: the suburbs.”



  • Down Detector: downdetector.com – “[P]owered by unbiased, transparent user reports and problem indicators from around the web. Downdetector helps people all over the world understand disruptions to vital services such as the internet, social media, web hosting platforms, banks, games, entertainment, and more.”


United States Only Sites

-Consumer Information





YouTube Channels

  • Knowing Better – Wide range of informative videos, typically about social science topics.
  • LegalEagle – Think Like a Lawyer – “Do you want to know how our legal system works? You’ve come to the right place. LegalEagle is all about giving you an insider’s view to the legal system. Have some fun and learn to think like a lawyer.”
  • Rare Earth – “Unique stories, places and ideas from around the world.”


  • Puppet History – Each show focuses on a single story explained with puppets and expert guests
  • Timeline – “World History Documentaries”


-Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM)

  • Domain of Science – “[Maps] out all of the domains of science using infographic[s]”
  • Numberphile – “Videos about numbers – it’s that simple.”
  • Veritasium – “[A] channel of science and engineering videos featuring experiments, expert interviews, cool demos, and discussions with the public about everything science.”


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