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Definition of Familification

(noun) “[A] process of neighborhood change whereby traditional families move into disadvantaged neighborhoods, with cultural, social, and economic consequences for those neighborhoods” (Goodsell 2013:861).

Example of Familification

  • A large amount of young families move into a disadvantaged neighborhood but the local schools cannot adequately support the influx of so many new students, however as tax revenues increase, the school can accommodate them through building expansion and new hires.

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Syllabification: fam·i·li·fi·ca·tion

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  • “As complicated and diverse as gentrification is, by bringing family into the discussion, the complexities multiply. Familification is an arena of paradoxes and complexities” (Goodsell 2013:862).
  • “The results suggest that when municipal-led gentrification programs privilege families, they are based on prior beliefs about the economic and social roles that families play in neighborhoods. Thus, we should expect policies that emphasize familification—the process of neighborhood change by families moving in—to be an  increasingly common approach in cities where the nuclear family is symbolically significant in the local culture” (Goodsell 2013:862).

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Goodsell, Todd L. 2013. “Familification: Family, Neighborhood Change, and Housing Policy.” Housing Studies 28(6):845–68. doi:10.1080/02673037.2013.768334.

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