(noun) The formal legal or socially sanctioned termination of a marriage.

Audio Pronunciation: (di·vorce)

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Usage Notes:

  • Plural: divorces
  • This is a simplified definition of a vast continuum of societal and cultural practices which determine the basis for a divorce and the repercussions.
  • In contrast to divorce, a separation is temporary break in a marriage that may or may not lead to a divorce.
  • A family resulting from a divorce is called a divorced family and is often a single-parent family, if one of these family types joins with another it is called a blended family.
  • Also called:
    • dissolution of marriage
    • divorcement
    • martial separation
  • Divorce used in a sentence: My partner and I are going through a divorce.
  • A (noun) divorcée is a divorced individual, typically referring to a female and a (noun) divorcer (verb) divorces another individual for (adjective) divorceable or (adjective) divorcive reasons.

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