• 1. (noun) A group of people that share a statistical or demographic characteristic.
    • Example: All the students in the class of 2014.
  • 2. (noun) A group of people who are approximately the same age.
    • Example: Everyone born in 1979.

Audio Pronunciation: (co·hort)

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Usage Notes:

  • Plural: cohorts
  • While the term cohort typically indicates an age group, it can mean any demographic characteristic such as people with children, people who are married, or people who have a degree in sociology.
  • A cohort based on age is technically an age cohort. and often exhibits a cohort effect.
  • In cohort studies, an inception cohort describes a group of people followed from an early and consistent point such as the onset of a disease or the first day of university.
  • Cohort used in a sentence: My classmates and I are cohorts.

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