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Definition of Androcentrism

(noun) The tendency to place the male or masculine viewpoint and experience at the center of a society or culture.

Examples of Androcentrism

  • “Male” or “maleness” as an unmarked status.
  • The notion that gender studies is about women.
  • Using “man” as a synonym for all people.
  • Using the informal collective term “guys” to refer to a mixed-sex group of friends.

Androcentrism Pronunciation

Pronunciation Usage Guide

Syllabification: an·dro·cen·trism

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Usage Notes

  • Plural: androcentrisms
  • Androcentrism is the opposite of gynocentrism.
  • An (nounandrocentrist is (adjectiveandrocentric and views the world (adverb) androcentrically.

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